LightEdge Solutions Case Study - STC - Kansas City Data Center


Client: The University of Kansas Hospital
Product/Service: Colocation, Private Suite
Customer since: 2014

Company Overview
The University of Kansas Hospital is a world-class academic medical center and destination for complex care and diagnosis. They are able to offer expanded options for patients with serious conditions due to their expertise and leadership in medical research & education. Their physicians act as researchers and educators to expand the boundaries of medical knowledge, and discover breakthroughs for life-changing treatments and technology of the future. To learn more, visit:

Business Challenge
The University of Kansas Hospital was in need of a new Data Center facility. Improving where and how the new systems would operate was vital for the organization in order to avoid ongoing costly outages. The hospital’s current Data Center facility was located on their campus, which did not allow for geographic redundancy from its second, offsite Data Center located just five miles away. In addition to not being geographically redundant, the second facility was out of space. The building that the Data Center was located in was not a purpose-built facility, which led to several outages that impacted the hospital in various ways. In order for The University of Kansas Hospital to maintain its enterprise-class status, it was time for them to start treating their Information Technology system the same way. Rather than just fixing problems that came up, they were ready to invest in an elite Data Center facility that would support their top-notch practices going forward.

After several years of analyzing the cost of outages at their current facility, The University of Kansas Hospital issued an RFP for their Data Center services. The hospital wanted LightEdge to submit a proposal and chose LightEdge to be their private suite & technology partner for a number of reasons:

  • The LightEdge SubTropolis Technology Center facility is “tornado-proof”, geographically redundant from the hospital’s other facility, and supports their enterprise-class organization.
  • LightEdge was able to deliver a Private Data Center Suite in a multi-tenant facility to allow for operational flexibility, security and controls the hospital desired at a cost that would be unachievable had they built their own Data Center.
  • As a healthcare provider committed to the most stringent patient information protection, LightEdge’s ability to demonstrate HIPAA compliance, SSAE certification, ISO 27001 defined process management, along with other vital certifications, was mandatory.
  • A facility that offered network connectivity choices, like SubTropolis Technology Center, through its dedicated Meet Me Room with all top carriers providing fiber to the facility.
  • A facility with an advanced Private Data Center Building Management System, which is a foundational component of SubTropolis Technology Center.
  • A partner with the financial backing to ensure long term stability & the option for capacity expansion.

From implementation to delivery, The University of Kansas Hospital’s overall experience with LightEdge was very positive. It was vital that the transition to this facility was smooth, and there was no downtime in the process. LightEdge provided its expertise and project management skills to help ensure this transition was achieved with zero downtime to the hospital’s critical systems.

“The stability and flexibility that we have achieved by moving to LightEdge has freed capital and resources allowing us to stay ahead of technology changes, patient needs and our competition.” Sean Roberts – Systems Director, The University of Kansas Hospital

STC - Ultimate Power

KCP&L offers dual substation medium voltage power feeds to STC. KCP&L offers economic development incentives to data centers for low cost KwH.

STC - Ultimate Connectivity

Our carrier neutral Meet-Me-Room provides multiple Tier 1 interconnectivity in a diverse loop to STC.

STC - Ultimate Scalability

Millions of square feet available within 90 days to meet your specific need.

STC - Ultimate Protection

Solid limestone structure is 6x stronger than concrete while providing cover from electromagnetic pulses and tornadoes.

SubTropolis is Energy Star Certified 100

SubTropolis is Energy Star Certified 100.

For leasing information, please contact Mike Bell at 816-459-4217.

LightEdge at STC is ISO 20000 certified.
LightEdge at STC is ISO 27001 certified.
LightEdge at STC is SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type II & SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II.
LightEdge at STC is PCI-DSS v3.0.
LightEdge at STC is HIPAA compliant.


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