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SubTropolis Technology Center is owned by Hunt Midwest, a company owned by the Lamar Hunt family — owners of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Hunt Midwest has developed SubTropolis, the world’s largest underground business complex, since the 1960s when Ford, Pillsbury and Russell Stover became our first tenants. SubTropolis has grown to over 7.8M square feet of space (with 6.2M more available for expansion) and is home to more than 55 e-commerce, animal health, pharmaceutical, automotive and distribution companies that employ in excess of 3,000 employees.

Hunt Midwest has long been a leader in industrial, commercial, retail, multifamily, seniors housing and residential real estate development. The development skills and expertise learned over the last 60+ years helped us design and build the ideal purpose-built data center campus for colocation, enterprise, wholesale and government users looking to take advantage of STC’s power, connectivity, scalability and protection.


Hunt Midwest is a Kansas City-based, privately held real estate development company with six decades of expertise in industrial, self-storage, residential, multifamily, and senior living communities, with more than $2.5 billion of developed projects in multiple geographic markets. Hunt Midwest leverages its reputation, resources, and relationships to create successful real estate solutions.

Hunt Midwest is one of the pillars of the Lamar Hunt Family’s holdings, which include interests in real estate, sports/entertainment, energy/natural resources, and private equity. Other marquee brands include the Kansas City Chiefs, Chicago Bulls, FC Dallas, Hunt Southwest, and Trinity Hunt.

The World’s Largest Underground Business Complex.®

SubTropolis was created through the mining of a 270-million-year-old limestone deposit. In the mining process, limestone is removed by the room and pillar method, leaving 25-foot square pillars that are on 65-foot centers and 40 feet apart.



“We chose to work with LightEdge because of their specialization in compliance and security due to our PCI requirements, and they did not disappoint. In fact, the LightEdge implementation team completed the migration months ahead of schedule.”

“Kansas City is a strategic market for our local cloud, colocation and data center infrastructure. As we looked to expand into the Kansas City area, the unique attributes of the Hunt Midwest partnership and the unique STC underground facility made our decision to locate here an easy one.”

STC Partners - LightEdge Solutions

“SubTropolis Technology Center and LightEdge are creating a best-in-class data center infrastructure that will offer a great combination of redundancy and capacity.”

STC Partners - Evergy

“Veeam, It just works. Just like LightEdge. We couldn’t be happier with their solution and support.”

SubTropolis Technology Center - Transpo Bus Services

“The relationship between LightEdge and Hunt Midwest translates into the convergence of financial strength, best-in-class hosted IT services, experience with hybrid cloud environments, a highly secure and protected location and low kilowatt (kW) power costs compared to other areas of the U.S.”

STC Partners - LightEdge Solutions

“We are very excited about partnering with Hunt Midwest. The nearly unlimited bandwidth provided by fiber-optic facilities allows our services to easily and quickly expand as the needs of customers grow over time. Most of our customers like to future-proof their communications with flexible solutions to meet their ever-growing bandwidth requirements.”

SubTropolis Technology Center - Unite Private Networks

“The robust electric transmission and distribution network – with multiple substations in the area and proximity to our generating station – is expandable to support future growth and power demands  required by the tech industry. Plus, electric rates are among the lowest in the country.”

STC Partners - Evergy

“The robust electric transmission and distribution network – with multiple substations in the area and proximity to our generating station – directly supports the needs of the technology industry. In other words, LightEdge’s innovative data center facility at SubTropolis Technology Center makes perfect sense.”

STC Partners - LightEdge Solutions

“The stability and flexibility that we have achieved by moving to LightEdge has freed capital and resources allowing us to stay ahead of technology changes, patient needs and our competition.”

SubTropolis Technology Center - The University of Kansas Hospital
STC - Ultimate Power

Evergy offers dual substation medium voltage power feeds to STC. Evergy offers economic development incentives to data centers for low cost KwH.

STC - Ultimate Connectivity

Our carrier neutral Meet-Me-Room provides multiple Tier 1 interconnectivity in a diverse loop to STC.

STC - Ultimate Scalability

Millions of square feet available within 90 days to meet your specific need.

STC - Ultimate Protection

Solid limestone structure is 6x stronger than concrete while providing cover from electromagnetic pulses and tornadoes.

SubTropolis is Energy Star Certified 100

SubTropolis is Energy Star Certified 100.

For leasing information, please contact Mike Bell at 816-459-4217.

LightEdge at STC is ISO 20000 certified.
LightEdge at STC is ISO 27001 certified.
LightEdge at STC is SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type II & SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II.
LightEdge at STC is PCI-DSS v3.0.
LightEdge at STC is HIPAA compliant.


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